Working together to improve urban distribution in Ghent

GentLevert is committed to efficient and sustainable distribution in the city centre. As a consultation platform we bring together various supply chain players. Our partners endorse the aims of GentLevert. Like us, they believe it benefits businesses, restaurants & cafés and local residents, as well as all other supply chain players.

GentLevert's partners were selected by the Ghent municipal authorities following a market consultation. They also have to comply with various principles:

1. Our partners are committed to developing and deploying pilot projects for innovative supply chain services. The aim is to improve the sustainability and efficiency of these services, as set out in an agreement with the Ghent municipal authorities.

2. Our partners may only use eco-friendly vehicles.

3. Our partners work with each other and with customers. Through consolidation we can maximise the optimisation of flows of goods and vehicles.

4. Our partners provide value added services for suppliers, carriers and end recipients (restaurants & cafés, traders, businesses, local residents). They contribute to greater efficiency promoting environmental and social benefits.

5. Our partners share operational data about flows of goods and about the deployment of supply chain resources (vehicles, storage, etc.). This enables GentLevert to continuously monitor all partners and make any adjustments needed.

Our partners:

City of Ghent

Twenty years ago a car-free zone was established in Ghent's historic city centre. Today, this part of Ghent has grown into one of the most attractive shopping and leisure centres in Flanders and beyond. Ghent is growing and continues to grow. Ghent is becoming busier and more crowded. In the city centre in particular the number of businesses, restaurants and cafés has skyrocketed.

Naturally, all of these businesses required deliveries of supplies. GentLevert gives traders an innovative solution and guarantees that, in future, their suppliers will continue being able to quickly and efficiently make deliveries in the city centre. To that end we have opted for an approach that enhances quality of life in the city and benefits shoppers and passers-by.

Bubble Post

We all know our environment is under pressure from thousands of tonnes of CO2 emitted by vehicles every day. A large proportion of this comes from suppliers. In our view, this is not a good model for a sustainable future. Bubble Post has a solution: 100% eco-friendly deliveries.

Bubble Post specialises in first and last mile delivery, focusing firmly on the city and local residents. Dry, refrigerated and frozen goods are delivered to centres outside the city centres and then sorted and consolidated. Our specially developed IT system calculates the most efficient route and plans the most appropriate vehicle.

Contact: or +32 483 73 30 45


CityDepot, a subsidiary of bpost, is the first company in Belgium to deliver a total solution for the sustainable distribution of goods to and from city centres. We combine multiple strengths to offer sustainable, efficient solutions for all supply chain needs and requirements. As a neutral player we are a partner to all stakeholders seeking intelligent, high-quality answers to urban distribution.

We direct the transport of goods from and to cities and also within cities. We operate mainly in urban environments, but we also develop supply chain solutions outside cities. By connecting our depots to each other in a network, we remove urban distribution from the city centre.

And through consolidation we can deliver cost savings. We map out optimal urban delivery rounds to achieve the most cost efficient deliveries. In addition to handling the last mile, we also develop customised services for optimising first mile transport, inventory management and e-fulfilment.

From parcels to pallets, from ambient to fresh, from light to heavy: We're at home with all shapes and sizes, locally and nationally. We deploy the most eco-friendly vehicles and serve small retailers as well as national and international carriers. Through a sustained effort we're working for a more pleasant and healthier world!

Contact: sales@citydepot or +32 800 91 680


PUUR GENT aims to promote the image of Ghent - and its various districts of interest - as a shopping and leisure centre.

PUUR GENT aims to efficiently promote, enhance and develop Ghent at regional, national and international level as a charming and authentic shopping and leisure centre. This is done in a sustainable fashion, with a focus on the environment, the social context and the economy.

PUUR GENT manages the shopping district with a common vision and approach, but with a view to diversity within the various areas of interest. In collaboration with traders, restaurants and cafés a strategy and approach were developed to benefit the entire area, going beyond mere promotional campaigns.

PUUR GENT actively supports Ghent's traders, restaurants and cafés.